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It’s been a busy few weeks for me and the Buttafly, flitting about in Chiang Mai for a few days before heading to Hong Kong for the 11th Evolution Asia Yoga Conference. Here with Swami Govindananda, “Take time to every day to contemplate the mysteries of life. You will surely find inspiration.” he says.

The first 48 hours after landing along with passengers from over eleven hundred flights daily, I admit to being in a state of overwhelm at the busy-ness of the place to the extent that actually I want to check right back out again! Of course it was like that 20 years ago but the traffic and buildings and people surely must have more than doubled since then. While taking cover from the tropical rains of a cyclone spiralling its way across southern China  I wondered what it would take for me to apply the teachings of Yoga – specifically Santosa – and to be OK with being right here, right now, to  being completely content despite the torrent of water washing its way under foot as well as thundering down from the heavy skies above. Once I remembered that I was free to make the choice to find a way to an inner sanctum, I knew just where to go to help matters along.

Not far from the hubbub of the city there is an old road that winds its way between Happy Valley and the Mid-Levels with views across the financial district and over to Kowloon where one can enjoy a stroll undisturbed by traffic and even be among trees (as you can see, they come with their own set of challenges.)

Starting out from the hotel, up a steep hill, along Bowen Road and then following the tram pathway back to Central district I must have covered at least 12 k and by the time I was done, had settled quite well into a state of mindful being. It was good preparation for the full conference days ahead and on arriving there the next day, I really had to smile to myself. Along the entrance to the main hall was this poster followed by a fabulous selection of photographs…

Santosa indeed!


TillyLou x

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