Pigeon Pose

Avoid Yoga-Related Injuries with the Buttafly


Yoga offers a complete body and mind workout, with a complement of benefits you rarely find elsewhere. Yet as Yoga has become more popular, Yoga-related injuries have also become more common.

In many styles of yoga,  there is increasing emphasis on the physical, demonstrated by the daily barrage of posts across social media showing practitioners in challenging poses. But yoga is not a sport neither is it meant to be competitive.

The Buttafly has been designed to help you practice safely and remain injury-free.

Headed up by our designer, TillyLou James a Chartered Physiotherapist and yoga teacher who is also trained in Clinical Pilates, we are delighted to be working closely with other physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals, as well as yoga teachers and therapists through Kaleidoscope, our Affiliate Programme.