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Sit Well with Good Posture

Sit Well with Good Posture and Take Care of your Spine

At the OM Yoga Show last week, many people came along to find out how the Buttafly helps you to sit well with good posture.

Quite a few of them also wanted to know if the Buttafly can be used on a chair. Since the Buttafly is fairly firm – similar to a regular yoga block – it’s unlikely that you will want to use it at your desk all day long. For short periods though, it works brilliantly to support your pelvis in the perfect position for the spine to come into good posture.

The beauty of a well-aligned spine with the natural curves in place is that the postural muscles are activated. These are the tiny little muscles that span just one or two segments in the spine and that are especially designed to hold our posture.  Indeed they are happy to work all day long without tiring. Once these muscles have been “switched on”, they will continue to work quietly in the background looking after your spine even when you move.

Poor Posture

When we slouch, the postural muscles don’t get a chance to function properly. Then, when we “sit up straight” often we overly correct our posture. This activates the movement muscles which are quite different from the postural muscles. Movement muscles like to switch on, perform a movement and then switch off again. In postures where we overly correct, we can feel to the touch, and sometimes even see, the movement muscles working. This activity causes us to expend more energy than necessary and as the movement muscles tire quickly, we are likely to slouch again soon.

Routine for Sitting With Good Posture

  • Using a Standard Buttafly or another wedge-shaped cushion, sit on a chair that is high enough for the hips to be slightly higher than the knees
  • Have the feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and positioned so that your ankles are directly under the knees
  • Rock your pelvis back and forth and come to rest mid-way between; you are looking for the neutral pelvis position
  • Holding this position let your upper body slump, just briefly, then s-l-o-w-l-y straighten up so that your shoulder girdle is directly over your pelvic girdle
  • Your head should automatically come into a well-balanced alignment

If you find this difficult, it’s worthwhile having an assessment with a postural specialist. We highly recommend the Alexander Technique.

For our video on sitting well, click here: