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The Buttafly Technique

A Gem For Back Pain I’ve been working with the Buttafly Technique for nearly five years now and still get a thrill of excitement at seeing the relief it brings.

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Posture is Dynamic

A month ago, I started posting exercise and movement-related tips on TikTok and have received hundreds of comments from viewers asking for advice on how to “fix” their posture. It

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Have a little Faith!

I am throwing down the gauntlet to challenge what we think we know about back pain. The statistics show that 80% of adults will complain at some time in their

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Calm amidst the chaos!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and the Buttafly, flitting about in Chiang Mai for a few days before heading to Hong Kong for the 11th Evolution Asia

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Full Circle…

  … And welcome to London, Jamie Elmer! A few years ago I was lucky enough to sign up for a weekend workshop with global speaker, teacher and author Max

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